Let's revolutionize the world of cosmetics.
Let's start with your skincare!

A facial cosmetic product is sold for up to X times the cost to produce it. We believe this is too much. That is why we have chosen to create an alternative without sacrificing quality.

We decided to bring the products directly to you at affordable prices, eliminating everything superfluous. We focused on what's inside the can, not around it.

Our goal is to take your daily facial skincare to the next level and make it simple, effective and natural with sustainable cosmetics for you and the planet.

This is why MyEasy Lab offers a careful selection of natural products dedicated to facial care for a beauty routine that is easy, quick and gives immediate results: facial cleanser, facial serum with firming effect, anti-age facial cream.

Jessica & Loris

We are Jessica - beautician with +10 years of experience - and Loris - graphic designer.
We are two brothers who, after a lifetime spent together, have also chosen to do business together to pursue a new cosmetics idea.

Pleased to meet you!

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